Become a Better AI User

Mastering AI is a craft. Getting initial results is trivial, but achieving constant quality requires both knowledge and experience. This conference is for marketers, designers, and developers interested in leveling up their AI skills. Join us if you want to discover new tools, access hands-on workshops, and learn best practices from AI experts.


Practical Learning Only

Dive into the practical world of AI at our unique conference, tailored for Marketers, Designers and Developers!

This event stands out by focusing on hands-on learning and practical applications of AI, rather than visionary talks or debates about AI's future.

Packed with workshops, best practices, and feature announcements, it's all about how to effectively use AI today. From automating workflows to boosting creativity, this conference is your gateway to immediate AI application. Join us in San Francisco or online to transform your professional skills with actionable AI knowledge.

Get ready to implement AI right away!


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Explore our booths, discover best practices, and catch the latest product announcements.

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Exclusive access to networking opportunities,  workshops, and certification.

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Closing Party on January 31
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Free entry. Paid workshops & premium access.

In our quest to make the world of AI design more inclusive and accessible, we've structured our conference with a unique approach. Understanding the diverse interests and financial considerations of our community, we offer free access to all, ensuring that everyone with a passion for AI design can join.

This decision reflects our commitment not just to innovation, but to nurturing the growth and development of individuals in our field. Our priority lies in empowering our community, fostering a space where knowledge, creativity, and collaboration thrive.

We believe that by supporting each individual's journey, we collectively push the boundaries of AI design, making groundbreaking advancements that benefit us all.

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Hibernia SF Interior Pictures
Conference Venue

Hibernia SF

The Hibernia Bank, headquartered in San Francisco, California, was founded in April 1859 as the Hibernia Savings and Loan Society. In 1892, the company built a Beaux-Arts headquarters at 1 Jones Street at the corner of McAllister and Market Streets, designed by Albert Pissis. The bank left the building in 1985, and the building went through a heavy renovation in 2017 to become an event space. The Hibernia Bank Building is a designated San Francisco landmark, one of the most celebrated architectural gems in the City.

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1 Jones St, San Francisco, CA 94102