DeSIGNER DAY - JAN 30, 2024

Generate Graphics, Videos & Apps. Fast.

AI is rapidly changing the world of design. Imagine building websites or apps using just plain English. Picture yourself soaring in productivity, with AI aiding in inspiration, content creation, and workflow automation. If you're eager to master these groundbreaking possibilities, this event is for you.


Go Beyond Design.

Discover new possibilities, from software creation to video production and workflow automation.

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Learn from Leading Designers

Are you curious about how top designers are maximizing AI in their work? Join us to hear from a lineup of professional designers eager to reveal their most effective strategies.

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Master AI Design Tools in our Workshops

Explore our workshops to quickly master tools like Runway for video creation, Stable Diffusion for content creation, and Buzzy for app development - all in one day!

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Connect with Fellow AI Designers

By attending our conference and diving into AI design, you're positioning yourself at the forefront of an emerging field. Network with fellow pioneers and uncover new opportunities.

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Discover 2024's AI Design Innovations

Meet industry giants like Adobe, Canva, and Figma, alongside rising stars like Simplified and Let's Enhance at our event to discover their latest 2024 product and feature releases.


Meet the speakers


Selected talks


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Explore our booths, discover best practices, and catch the latest product announcements.

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Closing Party on January 31
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Exclusive access to networking opportunities,  workshops, and certification.

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Closing Party on January 31
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Discover New Tools, Access Hands-on Training & Network with Your AI Peers.

Our Visitor Passes are now sold out!

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What Our Pasts Attendees Say About Our Events

Sinead profile picture

Sinead O'Connor

Freelance Designer

Great event! The speakers were brilliant, and there was an amazing turnout of people to connect with. Overall, it was a very well-organized event. I couldn't have asked for a better community to meet people with similar interests!

Summer's profile picture

Summer Song

Business Strategy at Samsung Semiconductor

Thank you for organizing such an amazing event. Learning about AI and all the exciting developments in the field was an awesome experience, and I really appreciate the opportunity you provided.

Alex's profile picture

Alex Shyba

Co-founder & CTO at Uniform

It was an awesome event! Thanks for organizing it! The talks were great and especially resonated with the talk by David from Notion, so much gold.

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Conference Venue

Hibernia SF

The Hibernia Bank, headquartered in San Francisco, California, was founded in April 1859 as the Hibernia Savings and Loan Society. In 1892, the company built a Beaux-Arts headquarters at 1 Jones Street at the corner of McAllister and Market Streets, designed by Albert Pissis. The bank left the building in 1985, and the building went through a heavy renovation in 2017 to become an event space. The Hibernia Bank Building is a designated San Francisco landmark, one of the most celebrated architectural gems in the City.

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1 Jones St, San Francisco, CA 94102

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the conference suitable for beginners in AI, or is it targeted towards advanced professionals?

Absolutely! Our conference is designed to cater to attendees at all levels of expertise. We offer a diverse range of sessions, from introductory to advanced, ensuring that beginners can learn and get started with AI, while advanced professionals can explore cutting-edge advancements and dive into more complex topics.


Can I attend the conference online if I am unable to travel to the physical event location?

Partially. We will stream some of the main stage content on our LinkedIn page. Workshops and networking sessions will only be accesible in-person.


Are there team discounts available for large companies purchasing multiple tickets?

Yes, we offer special team discounts for large companies interested in purchasing multiple tickets. We understand the value of attending the conference as a team. If you are representing a large company and would like to inquire about team discounts, please use the contact form here. Our dedicated team will assist you with the details, including the ability to raise a Purchase Order (PO) if needed. We look forward to accommodating your company's participation and ensuring a seamless registration process.


How can I make the most out of the conference and apply what I've learned?

We're here to help you make the most of your conference experience! We provide workshop materials, session recordings, and post-conference resources that will support you in implementing the AI tools and strategies you learn during the event. Additionally, our speakers and experts are available for consultations and guidance to ensure you can apply your newfound knowledge effectively.


Can I receive a certificate for participating in the conference?

Yes, we understand the value of professional recognition. Pro Pass attendees who successfully attend a minimum of 4 workshops during the day will receive an AI certificate.

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