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Adam Ginsburg


Adam Ginsburg stands at the forefront of technological innovation as the Founder and CEO of Buzzy, a cutting-edge AI-powered no-code platform. With Buzzy, Adam has opened new horizons in app development, allowing professionals from various fields, including marketing, design, and software development, to swiftly turn ideas into fully functional apps. His career is marked by a blend of entrepreneurial spirit and corporate leadership. As a co-founder of Aptrix, which later became part of IBM's Web Content Manager, Adam has played a pivotal role in developing solutions that span the gamut from no-code to deep-code. His work has significantly impacted how large-scale websites, like those for the Olympics, banks, and airlines, are created and managed. Adam's expertise isn't just technical; it's also deeply rooted in understanding market needs and user-centric design. His vision is to democratize app development, using AI to lower barriers to entry and streamline the creation process. This approach not only speeds up time to market but also makes technology accessible to a broader range of professionals. Adam's dedication to his family, love for surfing, and geeky enthusiasm for all things tech add depth to his professional persona, making him a well-rounded leader in the AI space.

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Designer Day
Main Stage
Jan 30, 2024
12:45 pm

From Idea to App in Minutes With Buzzy

Adam, the Founder of Buzzy, shares the latest exciting features and advancements made by the platform. Discover how Buzzy enables designers to effortlessly create working apps, prototypes, and MVPs directly from Figma. Get an exclusive preview of the exciting developments planned for Buzzy in 2024!

Designer Day
Workshop 3
Jan 30, 2024
2:00 pm

Build a Working Web or Mobile App in Minutes

Create a fully functional full-stack app from a prompt, in minutes with Buzzy. Apply your design skills to the Figma prototype to refine as you see fit. The control, backend, and database will automatically adjust to your design preferences.


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