Dhruv Patel

Dhruv Patel

Senior Incubation Solution Architect

Dhruv Patel is a Senior Solution Architect at UiPath, partnering with customers to deliver innovative automation solutions using AI and cloud technologies. With a strong background in technology and business, Dhruv has led projects in finance, healthcare, and consulting, applying design thinking, agile, and MVP to achieve high-quality outcomes. Passionate about bridging the gap between technology and business, Dhruv is motivated to enable digital transformation and innovation for organizations worldwide.

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Marketer Day
Workshop 3
Jan 29, 2024
3:00 pm

AI Powered Automation for Marketers

How can marketers benefit from AI? UiPath, an automation company used by the bulk of the Fortune 500, has done it for years, saving $50 million in the process. Join this session to hear how marketers at UiPath use our own technology to be more productive.


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