Dr. Manish Mehta

Dr. Manish Mehta

AI Strategist

Dr. Manish Mehta is a Generative AI Entrepreneur with expertise in Conversational AI, Self-Driving Cars, and Enterprise AI & Robotic Strategy. He has over two decades of experience in speaking human, business & AI, and building AI solutions. Dr. Manish has pioneered various first-of-its-kind AI experiences, including next-gen AI-powered systems for Turtle Talk with Crush and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. His contributions span across industries such as Manufacturing, Security, Healthcare, Entertainment, and the Creator Economy. Dr. Manish's work has been presented at the White House and featured in notable publications. With his diverse skill set and leadership abilities, he is an ideal partner for bringing AI innovations to life.

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Marketer Day
Workshop 2
Jan 29, 2024
11:00 am

Crafting Visual Storytelling Masterpieces with Beautiful.ai

Dr. Manish Mehta will lead you in mastering the creation of engaging slide presentations using Beautiful.ai, a tool designed to visually bring your ideas to life. In this session, you'll learn the techniques of crafting compelling narratives that resonate with your audience, effectively blending insightful content with striking visuals. This workshop is your gateway to captivating presentation skills that leave a lasting impression.


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