Gur Singh

Gur Singh


Gur Singh is the co-founder of CodeRabbit. He has extensive experience in software development, working across various positions in engineering and product, and fully understands its challenges. He is passionate about using AI to empower developers, to overcome these challenges, and help unlock their full potential.

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Developer Day
Main Stage
Jan 31, 2024
10:40 am

Redefining Code Reviews With AI

Discover how CodeRabbit is using AI to accelerate the code reviews and improve the code quality. Explore CodeRabbit’s exciting features which help developers ship high quality software @Speed

Developer Day
Workshop 3
Jan 31, 2024
12:00 pm

Automated Code Review for High-Quality Software

Gur, Co-Founder of CodeRabbit, will guide developers on enhancing code quality and efficiency using CodeRabbit's AI-augmented tool. Learn how to integrate this platform with your coding practices for top-notch code reviews.


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