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Josh Payne


Josh Payne the founder and CEO of Coframe. He was previously a co-founder of Autograph (a unicorn backed by a16z and Kleiner Perkins), co-founder of AccessBell (where he led its acquisition by Tata Group), and a founding engineer of Marlin ($180M+ ICO). Josh has raised over $200M in funding for his ventures and played a pivotal role in successful acquisitions. He has authored over 20 peer-reviewed papers and patents (primarily in AI), and also created GPT-Migrate, an open-source AI code generation project which reached #1 on GitHub Trending. Josh attended Stanford for undergrad, grad school, and MBA, though he dropped out of two of the programs.

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Speaker Sessions

Marketer Day
Main Stage
Jan 29, 2024
9:50 am

How to Improve SEO Using AI

This session brings together experts to discuss innovative strategies for leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance search engine optimization, focusing on practical applications, emerging trends, and real-world results.

Designer Day
Main Stage
Jan 30, 2024
11:05 am

Lessons Learned Designing AI & ML Products

This roundtable offers insights into the unique challenges and triumphs experienced by experts in the development and implementation of AI and ML-driven products, providing valuable lessons for aspiring and seasoned professionals alike.

Marketer Day
Workshop 3
Jan 29, 2024
11:00 am

Transform Your Website and Apps into Self-Improving Assets with Coframe

Learn how to make your website or app self-optimizing, adapting in real-time based on user interactions and performance data. With Coframe, experience the efficiency of A/B testing on steroids. Discover how to integrate this AI ally into your digital platforms with minimal effort, transforming them into dynamic, continuously improving assets that work tirelessly for your success.


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