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Laena McCarthy


Laena is a serial entrepreneur—a founder, advisor and consultant for a handful of startups in NYC and beyond. She coaches and educates lean entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and career changers who crave financial freedom and an integrated work-life. Laena is a thought leader in the career development and innovation space, designing curriculum with an EdTech startup that improves people's careers and lives. She develops programs, strategized learning objectives, and creates materials to help students become great designers and product managers. She primarily focuses on instructional design for product managers, and subject matter experts to produce and maintain the core of the student experience for programs in UX/UI and Product Management, as well as consulting and collaborating in the STEM world-- she was awarded the United States Antarctica Service Medal by the Department of Defense for her work with the National Science Foundation.

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Designer Day
Workshop 2
Jan 30, 2024
9:00 am

Write a UX Research Plan that Actually Works with Looppanel

In this workshop, we will transcribe your user interviews, generate automatic notes from interviews, snip videos of your interviews to create clips for presentations and organize all of your research data in one place, making it easy to identify trends and patterns.


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