Langdon Moss

Langdon Moss

AI & Growth Strategy Consultant

Part AI strategist, part writer, Langdon Moss blends his entrepreneurial mindset and SaaS startup background with an in-depth expertise in AI and storytelling. His consultancy, Mossy Wander LLC, focuses on delivering tailor-made AI growth strategies and training for CEOs, data scientists, and marketing teams, with a special focus on generative AI. Beyond his role as a business strategist, Langdon is also a professional writer and researcher. His recently published book 'Guardians of the Valley' about John Muir and the National Parks, which he co-developed with national best-selling author Dean King, received rave reviews from the WSJ, New York Times, SF Chronicle, and others. His ability to articulate complex concepts into engaging and accessible narratives is evident in both his consultancy work and his writing, while his dedication to continuous learning in AI keeps his training sessions and assessments at the forefront of technological advancements.

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Marketer Day
Workshop 1
Jan 29, 2024
3:00 pm

Turbocharge E-Mail and LinkedIn Prospecting Using's Co-Pilot

This workshop, tailored around's Co-Pilot feature, is designed for marketers and sales professionals focusing on effective prospecting and outreach strategies. Participants will explore how to leverage Co-Pilot's AI-driven capabilities to create personalized, engaging content for prospective clients. The session will guide attendees through utilizing Co-Pilot for optimizing outreach efforts, automating the process of crafting tailored messages, and improving engagement rates.

Langdon Moss
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