Matthew Rastovac

Matthew Rastovac


Matthew Rastovac is CEO at Respell. With over 10 years of experience in the AI space, he has held several positions building data-driven platforms and novel AI models across several industries. Matthew's expertise and leadership in startups such as Cameo and Atmos have contributed significantly to the success of Respell.

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Developer Day
Main Stage
Jan 31, 2024
1:10 pm

Create and Improve No-Code AI Workflows With Respell

In this talk, Matthew, the CEO of Respell, reveals the latest features of their no-code AI platform and presents an exciting roadmap for 2024. Matthew also showcases common use-cases and opportunities for organizations to start using AI to improve efficiency. Discover how Respell empowers users to create and optimize AI workflows effortlessly, making them more powerful and cheaper over time. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the future of workflow automation with Matthew!


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