Peda Venki Pola

Peda Venki Pola

Co-Founder, CTO & Head of Product

Peda co-founded, a company specializing in offering AI autonomous agents to generate revenue for B2B SaaS companies. primarily assists sales and marketing professionals in enhancing their business's top of the funnel. He is a seasoned product builder and technical leader, adept at transforming innovative ideas into reality. Before, Peda spent over a decade at Salesforce, having joined through an acquisition, where he worked building CRM systems for sales, marketing, commerce domains. Throughout his career, Peda has filed multiple patents, showcasing his commitment to innovation. He has a profound understanding of product strategy, evidenced in his ability to build and scale efficient teams. As a mentor, Peda has guided numerous engineers to leadership roles, underlining his significant experience and knowledge in product development, which form the cornerstone of his professional achievements and successes.

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