Vidya Narayanan

Vidya Narayanan

Co-founder and CEO

Vidya Narayanan, Co-Founder & CEO of Rizzle and an authority in context-aware computing, boasts a rich background with Qualcomm and Google. At Qualcomm, she pioneered groundbreaking software for Snapdragon chipsets, and at Google, she spearheaded enhancements in location services and the advancement of always-on context sensing. Vidya holds approximately 75 issued patents and has over 100 patent applications pending.

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Marketer Day
Workshop 3
Jan 29, 2024
10:00 am

Rizzle - No Edit Video Creation

Rizzle simplifies video creation using AI to help creative professionals scale content production and distribution. Come to the Rizzle workshop and learn how to create copyright-compliant videos from blogs, articles, press releases, topics, or any text script!


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